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Christie Abbott

Melora Hardin Talks ‘Back to the Future’ Casting

Melora Hardin has had an incredible career and has landed roles in some of the biggest television shows and movies in history. However, she was almost in one of the most iconic movies of all time…Back to the Future.

Deep Space Nine’s Nana Visitor on the Show

Nana Visitor, best known for playing Major Kira Nerys on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, called the show to talk 50 years of Trek. She talks about how the show changed her life and even tells us the best and worst thing about Trek conventions. Of course we had to ask, if she had the chance, would she ever reprise her role as Major Kira? Check out the interview and make sure you follow her on Twitter for updates on her upcoming projects!

Family Matters’ Shawn Harrison

Is there a reboot in the future for the hit sitcom, Family Matters? Thats’s what we asked Shawn Harrison (Waldo Geraldo Faldo) when he called the show. Listen here!

Wheel of Pain

Five contestants and six hot n’ spicy sauces. Who will be the last person standing? Watch the video!
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