Next Show Release: 1.12.16


Amazon Saves the Batman!

Batman: Caped Crusader is coming to Amazon Video!

The Mandela Effect Quiz

Do you know which one is real?

Star Trek: Discovery is OVER!

Star Trek: Discovery is finally coming to an end!

Toy Story 5 Story Pitch – The Perfect Ending!

Michael has the perfect pitch for Toy Story 5.

WB Cancels These Fan Favs!

The two shows will not be returning after being canceled after 20 Years!

3 Batman Easter Eggs You Missed

Did you catch these Batman easter eggs in The Flash trailer?

Joker 2: The Musical

The Joker 2 will be a musical to remember – or forget.

Jordan L. Jones – Playing Jazz on Bel-Air

Jordan joined us to talk about the hit Peacock series, Bel-Air.

Severance Is Great But…

Michael reveals his only problem Severance

Who’s the Genius? Pinky or The Brain?

Rob Paulsen weighs in on The Pinky and the Brain “Genius Theory.”

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