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Bugs Bunny Meets Mel Blanc

Jeff Bergman talks about meeting the cartoon icon.

Did Abbott and Costello Steal It?

Who wrote ‘Who’s on First?’

Tips for Success

Learning from Shari Lewis

You’re NOT Reading

If you’re doing this…


Shatner Talks Life, Trek, & Rescue 911

The legendary, William Shatner, talks about the possibility of a Rescue 911 revival, the return of Captain Kirk, and more! Check out Michael’s 5 Minutes with Shatner.

Kevin Costner On Preparing for the Apocalypse

Legendary actor, Kevin Costner has survived a lot in his movie career. From The Postman to Waterworld,  Kevin knows a thing or two about surviving the apocalypse.

Melora Hardin Talks ‘Back to the Future’ Casting

Melora Hardin has had an incredible career and has landed roles in some of the biggest television shows and movies in history. However, she was almost in one of the most iconic movies of all time…Back to the Future.

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