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“I Love Meat!”

Clark has some strong opinions about the return of KFC’s Double Down. Plus, the show settles a dispute with the help of the guys from The Popcorn Podcast. Then later, get some Mario ‘fun facts’ in honor of the The Super Mario Bros. Movie.

I Quit the Matrix | Patriot Pete Podcast #2

I quit the Matrix and you can too.

In this episode, I tell you what they don’t want you to know about escaping the Matrix, I answer some fan mail, and introduce a new segment called, The Sheeple’s Court!

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Is Sebastian a Crab or Lobster? ft. Sikwitit

Sikwitit -one of the greatest producers of all time- joins the show in studio! Michael uncovers a homeless hoax. Plus, Star Trek kills one of their own series! Find out which one it is. And finally, did you catch these editing errors in The Last of Us?

Follow Sikwitit: @iamsikwitit

UFOs & Aliens – What They Ain’t Telling You | Patriot Pete Podcast #1

UFO’s are REAL and so are aliens! I should know because of my experience about 10 years ago.

Welcome to the very first Patriot Pete Podcast!

In this episode, I give details about my extraterrestrial experience, answer fan mail, and give my opinion on current events including the spy balloon over America.

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Joker 2: Laughing Gas The Musical

Michael gets into the sneaker game. Plus, like it or not, Toy Story 5 is on the way and people have some thoughts on what they want to see. Then later, the show tests their memory with a Mandela Effect test. And finally, Eric and Michael give an example on what a Joker musical could sound like.

Best of MZ – 2.14.23

It’s Valentines Day! Crissy and Michael prank call a flower shop. Plus, Michael took on a stand up comedy protégé (2016). Then later, Hermit the Toad stops by the studio (2017) and the show attempts to find Crissy a date for Valentines off of Backpage (2010).

Once Upon a Time in Hollywood

The show is back in for 2023! Eric and Michael talk about their trip to LA and meeting Emmy award winning actor, Eric Bauza. Plus, the gives their thoughts on the latest HBO hit, The Last of Us and the not-so-hit, Velma. Then later, Michael introduces Adopt a Screw!

Best of MZ – 1.31.23

Jaime attempts to explain Game of Thrones in five minutes without spoilers. Then later, feel your age with another round of Does This Make You Feel Old? Plus, Bobby says he’s doing stuff for his wife and mother for Mother’s Day but is later confronted with the truth…

Best of MZ – 1.24.23

Jaime the Tattoo Guy heads to a local comic con to ask fans who they think will win the Game of Thrones (2018). CDub interviews a Hank Williams Jr. impersonator (2006). And finally, the show meets Sara the Intern (2015).

Best of MZ – 1.17.23

It’s time for more best of! Bobby gets caught in a Mother’s Day lie (2010). Then, Eric and Michael try to interview Dexter star, James Remar, but it doesn’t turn out as expected (2016). Plus, the show drops a word they’re not sure they can say (2006).

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