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5.24.22 ft. Daphne Maxwell Reid

Aunt Viv from The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air, Daphne Maxwell Reid, is on the show! She talks about her time on the hit sitcom and gives her thoughts on the Peacock reboot, Bel-Air. Plus, Michael is unhappy about another Dallas speakeasy. Then later, it’s that time of year again! Find out which shows graduated and made it on to Michael’s Must Watch List. And finally, the guys creates a million dollar business idea.

5.17.22 ft. The D.O.C.

The one and only D.O.C is in studio! The rap legend talks about his early years growing up in Dallas to his eventual move to Los Angeles to work with Dr. Dre, Snoop Dogg, and more. Plus, The D.O.C. talks about his upcoming documentary, The DOC, that will be screened at the 2022 Tribeca Film Festival. He also gives his thought on the DFW music scene.

Best of MZ – 5.10.22

Jaime attempts to explain Game of Thrones in five minutes without spoilers (2017). Then later, feel your age with another round of Does This Make You Feel Old (2016)? Plus, Bobby says he’s doing stuff for his wife and mother for Mother’s Day but is later confronted with the truth…(2010)

5.3.22 ft. Michelle Danner

Acting coach and director, Michelle Danner is on the show! Michael debates going to London and LA with Eric Star and Chris Sapphire. Plus, does everybody hate the overly chatty Uber Eats driver? Then finally, the show plays a round of Family Fight!

4.26.22 ft. Samantha Jerring

IFBB Pro and Coach, Samantha Jerring is in the studio! Samantha talks about her career in fitness and shares tips on getting summer ready. Plus, Michael ends up at a country bar over the weekend. Also, Clark gives his thoughts on the new Batman movie streaming now on HBO Max.

Best of MZ – 4.19.22

We’re replaying the GREATEST interview in the history of the show (2016)…can you guess what it is? Plus, check out the very first round of Glino (2015). Then later, Bobby Hickey attempts to explain how Uber Eats works (2017).

4.12.22 – Judge Steve Harvey Recap

The show recaps and reviews Michael Zavala and Eric Star‘s Judge Steve Harvey episode. If you missed it, “You Cause the Wreck, You Cut the Check” (S1, Episode 8) is now streaming on Hulu! Music producer, Sikwitit, also calls in to give his thoughts on the episode. Plus, Eric gives Michael a gift for his birthday.

4.5.22 ft. Vanessa Cater

Actress and stunt performer, Vanessa Cater is on the show! She talks about her upcoming projects and meeting Patrick Stewart on Star Trek: Picard! Plus, it’s the BIG day. Michael Zavala takes Eric Star to court on Judge Steve Harvey. Watch it tonight on ABC or later on Hulu. Plus, Clark attends his first amateur wrestling event.


Clark makes a prediction about Starbucks. Plus, EVEN MORE predictions are made with the Pat Robertson Devine 8-Ball. Also, did you know the original Hawaii Five-0 theme song had words? Then later, find out is Jackass Forever is worth the rent.

3.22.22 ft. Evelyn Carter

Evelyn Carter, The Diamond Queen, returns to the studio to talk about her return to the ring! Plus, Clark has to deal with a Karen over a toilet paper holder. Then later, the show receives a mysterious letter that is meant for another radio personality.

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