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Josh Holloway on Costner & This Season of ‘Yellowstone’

Actor, Josh Holloway has arrived on the third season of the Paramount Network hit, Yellowstone.

Recently, the LOST-alumni called into MZNOW to talk about what viewers can expect this season and what it’s like working with the legendary Kevin Costner.

Josh Holloway

You had a great show, Colony. I was disappointed that was canceled. But, I guess it all worked out because now you’re on another hit show, Yellowstone. How’s that been?

Oh, it’s been fantastic! And I mean, once they put you in a rubber diaper and send you off to space, well, what else is there? So I guess Colony had to stop. What’s left, you know?

Yeah, I love Yellowstone and being a part of this. This has been fantastic. It was my favorite show on TV. Just the weekend before I was sitting there with my wife going, “Man, if we can get on a show like this, it’d be great.” And then I got the call! So it’s like, “WOW, pretty cool!”

But I just love the show. I love all the perspectives from the different characters and the different viewpoints. I’m very familiar with all these issues because I have a place in Wyoming. So, I know all these issues. So I was connected to it immediately. And, I knew Taylor because we’d ridden horses all day together one day when I was meeting with him about another script, he had written a couple of years ago. So when he called, I was like, “Oh my God, I’m going to get to be a cowboy!”

Yeah, no.

What’s it like working with Costner?

It’s fantastic. I love working with legends…after the first 15 minutes. Because the first 15 minutes you’re just shaking in your boots, hoping you don’t screw it up. But then when they give you a little nod, you’re like, “Yes! I’m free! Let’s do this.”

What can you tell us about this season of Yellowstone?

Well, it’s kind of a nice, slow burn. I liked this season. It really captivates you with the beauty and what ranching–the lifestyle of what it really would be like. Going up to the summer camps, really being a cowboy and then seeing that beauty. So, I love that the show really takes you there.

And then of course, things go bad.

Things get complicated quickly. But I love the spectrum of that. You know, it shows you the beauty and really brings you into what it would be like to be a cowboy and a rancher. And then, it takes you to the dark side.

Josh Holloway can be seen in Yellowstone on the Paramount Network. You can listen to the full interview here:

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