Next Show Release: 1.12.16


4.19.16 ft. Lil Wil

Dallas based rapper, Lil Will, is on the show. The man behind, “My Dougie” and “Bust It Wide Open” is in studio and gives a behind-the-scenes look into his personal life. He talks about his upcoming album, “Late Nights and Early Flights” and even his Styrofoam cup line!

4.12.16 ft. Marina Sirtis

It’s Michael’s birthday! He’s celebrating the start of a new decade with fellow Aries, Marina Sirtis! Star Trek’s Counselor Troi talks life after Trek, conventions, and even The Walking Dead! So set your phasers to stu–never mind…just listen to it.


Longtime friend of the show, Jordan Ross, stops by to promote his new YouTube channel, CinemAddix. He also joins the rest of the show with their thoughts on the new movie, Batman V Superman. Plus, Jaime is named one of the top tattoo artists in Dallas.


Who will be crowned the 90’s Movie King in our new game, Flick Flashback? Plus, we send Alexis out to the Saint Patrick’s Parade in Dallas and Gene calls in to talk about his audition for the reality show, Ink Masters.

3.15.16 ft. Giancarlo Esposito

Bobby’s superfan, Alexis, hits him with some bad news. She is now a married woman. Also, Jaime the Tattoo Guy interviews his first celebrity! Find out how well he does when he speaks to Revolution’s Giancarlo Esposito.


We send Jaime the Tattoo Guy to the Walker Stalker convention to cover the event. Since it’s election season, we asked the attendees to cast their vote for their favorite Walking Dead character to become president. Find out who won.

3.1.16 ft. Michelle Dobyne

Chris and Eric make a quick trip to Odessa, Texas to surprise one of their friends. Although the trip had a rocky start, it may have ended with Chris meeting the love of his life. Plus, Michelle Dobyne, the “Not Tuday” lady calls the show!


It’s been the week of feuds! Kayne West VS Taylor Swift, Apple VS the Government, and Donald Trump VS The Pope. Plus, did you have a horrible Valentine’s day? You might feel better after you hear these horrible date stories from the show.


It’s Valentines Day on the show! Alexis shares her experience from her first ever Comic Con. Who was protesting the convention? Then, the show give you a quick Deadpool review.

2.9.16 ft. David Mazouz

Gotham star, David Mazouz, calls the show. Plus, getting locked up soon? Alexis give you 5 tips on how you can enjoy your still in jail. Then find out why Chris Sapphire was on the news this week.

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