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Cosmo Joe is back on the show for the first time in 2022! He talks about his new business ideas and issues a couple of apologies. Later, Michael talks about Bel-Air on Peacock. The show recaps the Super Bowl halftime show. And finally, Michael talks about his traumatic hair cut experience.

2.15.22 ft. Rob Paulsen

Legendary voice actor, Rob Paulsen is on the show! Rob talks about his career, the latest season of Animaniacs on Hulu, and he even addresses a popular fan theory about Pinky and the Brain. Also, the show congratulates the Super Bowl champs, {insert team name here}! Plus, Spider gives a shoutout to all the truckers of the world. Then finally, Michael talks about the wreck he was in this week.


Michael tries an energy patch and gets in a fight in a drive-thru. Plus, find out if Ghostbusters: Afterlife is worth the watch. Also, who lost power during the Dallas “snow storm?” Then later, Michael and Eric review Dexter: New Blood.


The show is back for 2022! The cast says goodbye to Betty White, Bob Saget, & Louie Anderson. A character based on Clark is pitched to Arthur creator, Marc Brown. Michael & Spider review Matrix 4. Also, how great would a ‘live art’ NFT be? And finally, Michael reveals his 5-Star Challenge!

Best of MZ – 1.25.22

Jaime the Tattoo Guy heads to Comic Con (2016). The show plays “Name That Tune!” (2009). Then the show tries to figure out which quotes are from senators and which are from fugitives (2018).

Best of MZ – 1.18.22

Michael captures a beagle and attempts to return it to it’s owner (2006). The show plays around round of ‘Does This Make You Feel Old?’ (2016). And finally, Joel Osteen calls the show (2017).

Best of MZ – 1.11.22

Eric and Michael have one of the greatest interviews ever (2016). Jaime the Tattoo Guy hums some classic TV show theme songs (2018). Then finally, Michael talks about a disturbing dream he had (2019).

Best of MZ – 1.4.22

Comedian, Tom Green freestyles in-studio! (2010) The later, the show plays Ice Cream Roulette with Blue Bell ice cream (2016). Plus, find out which celebrities Michael is bigger than (2019). And finally, the show meets David who wants to be a stand up comedian (2015).

2021 Wrap Up

Eric Star wraps up 2021 by playing some of our favorite moments of the year!

Christmas Rewind: MZ Family Christmas 2015

Original Air Date: 12.22.15

After Bobby fails to come through with his Christmas Extravaganza, the show is visited by three spirits. They reveal what the show, and the lives of the cast members, would have been like had Bobby never joined the show. Also, Chris and Michael head to the Star Wars premier to protest in Star Trek outfits.

An MZ Family Christmas Cast (in order of appearance):
Clarence, Bobby’s Guardian Angel – Eric Star
Ghost of Christmas Past – CDub
Ghost of Christmas Future – Gene
Alexis G. Hickey – Alexis

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