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TWERK-A-THON – Twerksgiving 2016

Original Air Date: 11.22.16

It’s Twerky Day again! It’s time for the second annual Twerksgiving Special. Caylea Woodbury from “Little Women: Dallas” joins the intense battle to become Miss. Twerksgiving 2016. Who will out twerk the competition? You don’t want to miss a moment!

TWERK-A-THON – Twerksgiving 2015

Original Air Date: 11.23.15

Happy Twerky Day! It’s the first annual Twerksgiving Special! Who will the Pilgrims pardon and crown Ms. Twerksgiving 2015? The Twerkys battle it out in intense and mind blowing Twerky Trots. Don’t miss a moment!


Happy Twerkyday! After MONTHS of searching, Michael finally finds a box of Top Chico. The show plays a game of Friendsgiving Feud! Plus, Michael celebrates his 20 year shaving anniversary. Actress and model, SuzAnne DeCarma returns to the show.


The show attempts to try out fried chicken flavored candy. Guess who’s the first to drop out? Then, Eric and Michael review the Dexter reboot and the newest Hanks flick, Finch. Plus, trainer, Lydia Turner, explains how to stay fit during the Holidays! Follow her on Instagram @lydiairenee.


The show celebrates Spider’s birthday! The cast look at the most popular artist, movies, and TV shows from the year he was born. Plus, Michael reveals his Basic Brunchfit ™ complete with a Starbucks pumpkin drink. Then later, find out if Invasion on AppleTV+ is worth the watch.

Best of MZ – 11.2.21

A spooktacular guest, Mr. Halloween, call the show for the first time (2015). Then, Eric has some family drama at Thanksgiving (2018). And finally, the show plays Red State, Blue State, Thanksgiving Side Plate (2020).


It’s the MZNOW Halloween special! Clark reviews the scariest movie he’s seen this year. Plus, Michael talks about the new Dune movie on HBO Max. Then finally, the show plays a new game called “7 Seconds in Hell” with a scary mystery guest.


William Shatner goes to space! Plus, Michael releases a brand-new (sorta) single for the first time since 2014. Then later, Eric and Michael talk about their trip to New York with Chris Sapphire.

Best of MZ – 10.12.21

Michael creates the most confusing Halloween game ever (2017). Miss Tex calls the show for the first time! (2016) Plus, the 2017 Mike’s Tikes winner talks about her experience in Vegas.


Clark explains why he walked out of the studio last week. You don’t want to miss this epic and dramatic moment. Plus, Del Pullen joins the show. Find out if Squid Games is worth the watch. Then later, Chris Sapphire, Eric, and Michael make plans to go to New York.

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