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The show introduces their newest/replacement intern. Plus, find out which fried foods will be making their debut this year at the State Fair of Texas. Then later, a HUGE celebrity sends their well wishes to Michael for his 4th year leg break anniversary.


Eric Star is working on a new life milestone! Plus, Michael celebrates his four year leg break anniversary. Also, the show pays tribute to The Queen.

Best of MZ – 9.6.22

Bobby has a “show girl” bracket for Michael (2015). Plus, Michael misses his first show ever due to breaking his leg and calls in to give an update (2018). Then later, Mel the Intern calls the show (2010) and Eric and Michael prank Sara on her first day (2015).


Eric and Michael gear up to play DnD. Plus, find out which fan favorite HBO Max shows just got the axe. Eric reviews the latest Game of Thrones spin off, House of the Dragon. And finally, there’s a new scandal in Dallas and Michael has some thoughts about it.


Dallas’ own Creator Jewels is in studio! Eric gets some bad news about his favorite airline. Plus, Michael becomes an uncle and tries to figure out his “uncle name.” And finally, Clark pranks a possible scammer after receiving a mysterious text during the break.

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Actor and TikTok star, Michael J. Scott is in studio! Plus, Eric Star is back from Chicago and spills some Windy City T. Then later, Michael Zavala talks about being “discriminated” against and the show plays a 90’s TV Catchphrase game.

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Clark has an idea for a new sports league and reveals his favorite board game. Plus, Michael Zavala remembers Star Trek actress, Nichelle Nichols. Then later, Eric calls in from the Windy City to talk about his time in Chicago.

40 Years of Knight Rider ft. William Daniels – 8.2.22

The legendary voice of Knight Rider’s KITT, William Daniels is on the show! Plus, Knight Rider fan, John Longoria brings his KITT replica to the studio. Also, Michael looses his AppleTV remote and Eric Star “apologizes” to Robin from Stranger Things.

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The show is back after an unplanned hiatus due to a cast member getting COVID for a second time. Find out who! Then later, what would you do in a nuclear attack and the show tries to solve a bathroom mystery. Plus, Michael Zavala remembers Kidd Kraddick.

Best of MZ – 7.29.22

Jaime the Tattoo Guy heads to a local comic con to ask fans who they think will win the Game of Thrones (2018). CDub interviews a Hank Williams Jr. impersonator (2006). And finally, the show meets Sara the Intern (2015).

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