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Best of MZ – 4.19.22

We’re replaying the GREATEST interview in the history of the show (2016)…can you guess what it is? Plus, check out the very first round of Glino (2015). Then later, Bobby Hickey attempts to explain how Uber Eats works (2017).

4.12.22 – Judge Steve Harvey Recap

The show recaps and reviews Michael Zavala and Eric Star‘s Judge Steve Harvey episode. If you missed it, “You Cause the Wreck, You Cut the Check” (S1, Episode 8) is now streaming on Hulu! Music producer, Sikwitit, also calls in to give his thoughts on the episode. Plus, Eric gives Michael a gift for his birthday.

4.5.22 ft. Vanessa Cater

Actress and stunt performer, Vanessa Cater is on the show! She talks about her upcoming projects and meeting Patrick Stewart on Star Trek: Picard! Plus, it’s the BIG day. Michael Zavala takes Eric Star to court on Judge Steve Harvey. Watch it tonight on ABC or later on Hulu. Plus, Clark attends his first amateur wrestling event.


Clark makes a prediction about Starbucks. Plus, EVEN MORE predictions are made with the Pat Robertson Devine 8-Ball. Also, did you know the original Hawaii Five-0 theme song had words? Then later, find out is Jackass Forever is worth the rent.

3.22.22 ft. Evelyn Carter

Evelyn Carter, The Diamond Queen, returns to the studio to talk about her return to the ring! Plus, Clark has to deal with a Karen over a toilet paper holder. Then later, the show receives a mysterious letter that is meant for another radio personality.

3.15.22 ft. Jordan L. Jones

Jordan L. Jones (Jazz on Bel-Air) talks about the hit Peacock show. If you haven’t seen the fresh take on the Fresh Prince yet, you should watch it now. Plus, Michael gives a *SPOILER FREE* review of The Batman. Plus, Clark has a life update and also threatens to fight the innocent Tom Holland.

Best of MZ – 3.8.22

Star Trek’s Marina Sirtis calls the show! (2016) Plus, Michael finds a lost beagle (2006) and Jaime gets a commercial (2017).


Eric Star goes to the BEST wedding he’s ever been to. Plus, in celebration of The Batman, the guys play some Batman trivia. Then later, the show talks about the latest episodes of Star Trek: Discovery and The Righteous Gemstones. And finally, Michael Zavala has Cosmo Joe apologize for him.


Cosmo Joe is back on the show for the first time in 2022! He talks about his new business ideas and issues a couple of apologies. Later, Michael talks about Bel-Air on Peacock. The show recaps the Super Bowl halftime show. And finally, Michael talks about his traumatic hair cut experience.

2.15.22 ft. Rob Paulsen

Legendary voice actor, Rob Paulsen is on the show! Rob talks about his career, the latest season of Animaniacs on Hulu, and he even addresses a popular fan theory about Pinky and the Brain. Also, the show congratulates the Super Bowl champs, {insert team name here}! Plus, Spider gives a shoutout to all the truckers of the world. Then finally, Michael talks about the wreck he was in this week.

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