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The show is live from quarantine! Eric and Michael give their thoughts on the Star Trek: Picard finale. Then later, the guys talk about the Netflix phenomenon, Tiger King. Plus, Jaime the Tattoo guy interviews comedian, Jerry Lewis. The only problem is, Jerry has been dead for three years.


It’s the last studio show before quarantine! Eric Star is already bunkered down and give his Top 5 Coronavirus survival tips. Plus, the show debuts the new Iron Leg Man trailer.

Quarantine Playlist

A collection of shows, interviews, and music from some of our favorite guests of all time. Listen here!
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Joe Shaw is in studio talking about the second season release of the podcast, After the Encore. Plus, Sabrina Lynn drops in for the show. Michael gives his thoughts on Disney’s Frozen 2 and Superman: Red Son. Be sure to check out After the Encore on all platforms May 19th and see Joe’s live show on June 13th.
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Julie from the TV show, Cheaters, joins the show in studio! Plus, Eric discusses his strategy to avoid getting the Coronavirus. Then later, Clark and Michael go head-to-head in Cheers trivia!


It’s time for the 2020 Weight Loss Challenge! Eric Star, Spider the DJ, and Mark Garcia will attempt to shed some weight in order to win $200. Can they lose 20+ pounds by mid-April? Personal trailer and current Ms. Twerksgiving champion, Fabiola Moreno, is in studio to give the guys some fitness pointers!

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