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Scott Stapp Calls the Show

Just in case you missed it, Creed frontman, Scott Stapp called the show last week. We’ve boiled down the entire 7 minute call to three highlight moments…just in case you don’t have the time to listen to the full interview. So here they are…

1. Creedbombing

Apparently, there is this thing called “Creedbombing”. In fact, you may have Creedbombed someone and never knew it was a thing. The phenomenon was named by the Carolina Panthers last year when they started doing it in the locker room.

2. Kris Kreed

So, as it turns out, Scott has never seen one of the greatest pranks ever done on the Jaime Kenendy Experiment. If you’ve never seen it, STOP what you’re doing and watch it now. Like, RIGHT NOW.

3. Creed Tour

Now to the question we’ve all been wondering…will there ever be another Creed tour? Scott sheds a little light on what the future holds for Creed.

You can listen to the full interview here.

Scott will be performing in Dallas at the Granada Theater on February 10th. Get your tickets here.

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