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Dallas rapper, Slick, calls the show to promote his new mix-tape, Slick Talk 1.5. Then later, Sara talks about her month long trip to Nicaragua and reveals a family secret. Plus, can Michael it through a full show without a Red Bull?


Chris Sapphire has a brand new Gay Rant for 2016 and this time he is going after Jennifer Lawrence! Also, Alexis is in studio to share how she started her New Year…with a week in jail. She spills the details and said her cell was so nice, it could have been The Hilton!


The show is back in action for 2016! Blue Bell recently announced that it has, once again, found Listeria at one of their plants. So we play a new game called, “Ice Cream Rouelette.” Also, find out why Michael walked out of a dinner party.

12.22.15 – MZ Family Christmas

After Bobby fails to come through with his Christmas Extravaganza, the show is visited by three spirits. They reveal what the show, and the lives of the cast members, would have been like had Bobby never joined the show. Also, Chris and Michael head to the Star Wars premier to protest in Star Trek outfits.

An MZ Family Christmas Cast (in order of appearance):
Clarence, Bobby’s Guardian Angel – Eric Star
Ghost of Christmas Past – CDub
Ghost of Christmas Future – Gene
Alexis G. Hickey – Alexis

12.15.15 ft. The Frost Sisters: Anna Faith & Lexie Grace

Anna Faith and Lexie Grace (The Frost Sisters) call the show! Also, Michael finds out he has a “date review” on the app, Lulu. Michael reads the breakdown and review and reveals his score. Plus, iTunes released it’s top 10 songs, albums, and movies for 2015.

12.8.15 ft. Flesh-n-Bone of Bone Thugs-n-Harmony

It’s our Bone Thugs-n-Holiday show! That’s what Michael is calling it at least. Flesh-n-Bone sits down to talk about Easy E, Bone Thugs, and of course, Ronda Rousey and Holly Holm.

11.23.15 – Twerksgiving Special

Happy Twerky Day! It’s the first annual Twerksgiving Special! Who will the Pilgrims pardon and crown Ms. Twerksgiving 2015? The Twerkys battle it out in intense and mind blowing Twerky Trots. Don’t miss a moment!


For the first time ever, Michael talks about sports for a full ten minutes. Why is he so excited about the fall of Ronda Rousey? Also, Donald Trump calls the show and Charlie Brown has a new Holiday special coming out soon.


What do you do with Adele sound clips? Use them to prank people of course! Also, Chris gay rants about singer, Sam Smith.

11.3.15 ft. Fat Pimp

Rapper, Fat Pimp, is in studio promoting his new single, “Uh Oh.” Also, Chris talks about his very disappointing Halloween costume and Adele calls the show.

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