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Adele Prank Calls

So we put this add on Craigslist…

I’m getting rid of my ex-husbands 2002 Dodge Ram 1500…the vehicle he used to go cheat on me MORE than once. I’m not selling it, it is free. First come, first serve.

I don’t know much about it other than it has a small oil leak and when it left my house it was normally parked at his young girlfriends apartment complex.

Please call me to setup pick up.
Thank you.

Little did they know we were just finding a use for all of our Adele clips. Listen to the prank calls in the clip above.

Click here to listen to the full show.

Adele Calls to Say ‘Hello’

Grammy award winning artists, Adele, called in to the show this week. The singer has just released a new single Hello which is taking the world by storm. Unfortunately, cell phone kept losing signal and the call was cut short. Listen to the clip above to hear THE TOTALLY REAL* call made by Adele.

*Not a real call.

A Spooktacular Guests Calls The Show

Bobby booked one of the most important icons of the Halloween season. You won’t believe who calls the show! He also gives us a behind the scenes look what he does when it’s not Halloween. Check out the spooktacular guest in the clip above.

“Happy” as Creed, Nickelback, and more

Frank from was on the show and talked about his brother Anthony and his company, 10 Second Songs. Inspired by Anthony and his viral videos, Michael created his own cover. He covers Pharrell’s Happy and shows off his talents by impersonating the vocals of Creed, Nickelback, 3 Doors Down, Daughtry, and more.

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Glingo – October ’15

Do you know what “grandma’s house” means? The show tests their knowledge of gay lingo on the game, Glingo! Michael currently holds the winning title from the last round. Can he be dethroned? Who will win the coveted Gay For The Day award? Listen to the clip above to find out.

Bobby’s Caller

MZNOW history is made when Michael finally answers a phone call. As it turns out, it ended up being Gene. Gene has been leaving nasty messages for Bobby on the shows’ voicemail. Now they meet. Voice to voice. Listen to Bobby’s caller in the clip above.

The Show Girl Bracket

Bobby creates a bracket of girls from the show (past and present) and asks Michael to narrow it down to the person he would have to marry. Divorce is not an option. Find out who out of the five girls (Nadia, Jessica, Crissy, Jessi, and Cat) Michael picked.

The Obama Impression Off

Rapper and producer, AOK, challenges Michael’s Obama impression! Who has the best impression? You be the judge.

MZ’s Fantasy Five

Michael knows nothing about football, let alone FANTASY football. However, he considers his lack of knowledge a strength and gives you his “can’t lose” picks for your next draft. Good luck and go [insert team name here].

Meet Sara

Our new Production Assistant, Sara, has had a very busy week. Watch what she did during her fist week with the show:

Now, listen to Sara’s first day on the show:

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