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Christmas Rewind: MZ Family Christmas 2015

Original Air Date: 12.22.15

After Bobby fails to come through with his Christmas Extravaganza, the show is visited by three spirits. They reveal what the show, and the lives of the cast members, would have been like had Bobby never joined the show. Also, Chris and Michael head to the Star Wars premier to protest in Star Trek outfits.

An MZ Family Christmas Cast (in order of appearance):
Clarence, Bobby’s Guardian Angel – Eric Star
Ghost of Christmas Past – CDub
Ghost of Christmas Future – Gene
Alexis G. Hickey – Alexis

Christmas Rewind: Twerkmas 2018

Original Air Date: 12.18.18

It’s the very first Twerksgiving Special! Who will impress the judges and win the grand prize of $250? Plus, Chris Sapphire is in studio talking about the hit Netflix show, Dancing Queen. Then later, Spider gets a Twerkmas miracle!

Kermit the Frog

Christmas Rewind: MZ Family Christmas 2017

Original Air Date: 12.19.17

The cast and crew are together for the final show of the year! It’s time for another MZ Family Christmas! The show prepares for the first annual, Toys For Thots benefit, and thing don’t turn out as smoothly as planned. Plus, Eric Star hosts a brand new, Christmas themed, clip game! Don’t miss this chaotic and fabulous Christmas special with guest appearances by Lady G, Spider the DJ, and even Gene from New York!

MZ Family Christmas – 12.21.21

The show is back with another Christmas classic! Clark is down in the dumps with no plans for the Holidays. His guardian angels watch as he is forced to make some serious life decisions. Then later, Michael reveals his ‘Favorite Things’ list and the show plays a special round of Christmas Feud! Plus, get special performances by Patriot Pete and Kermit the Frog!

Gifts of Christmas Past

What present did you REALLY want as a kid? The show talks about their favorite gifts and the ones they didn’t get.

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