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Best of MZ – 1.19.21

Michael changes a tire for the first time (2015). Plus, the show plays another round of Does This Make You Feel Old? (2016) Then later, Joel Osteen calls the show to talk about how he’s planning on helping flood victims (2017).

Best of MZ – 1.12.21

Jaime the Tattoo Guy heads to a local comic con to ask fans who they think will win the Game of Thrones (2018). CDub interviews a Hank Williams Jr. impersonator (2006). And finally, the show meets Sara the Intern (2015).

Best of MZ in 2020 – 1.5.21

Eric Star looks back at some of the best moments of 2020. First, the show tries to recast Tiger King with dead actors. The later, Michael talks about playing Dungeons & Dragons for the very first timeJaime interviews deceased comedian, Jerry Lewis and Michael & Clark reveal what happened behind the scenes while filming Patriot Pete Fights the Fake News Media.

Best of MZ – 12.29.20

Christmas ain’t over yet! The ghost of Christmas past is here to share some of the best MZ Holiday moments. Relive the magic of the first White Elephant gift exchange from 2006. Then, what would it be like if Bobby Hickey was never born? Find out from this great 2015 Holiday classic. Then later, the show delivers gifts to a family in need during our 2009 Christmas Wishlist. Stick around for a bonus Christmas clip at the end!

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