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Lola is back from jail and talks about her experiences in the slammer #FREELOLA. Plus, the show reviews Brightburn and Once Upon a Time in Hollywood. Then later, Michael has an interesting dream about Eric.

8.13.19 ft. Kevin Eastman

We’re celebrating 35 years of the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles with co-creator, Kevin Eastman. Plus, the show reviews Amazons’ The Boys and says RIP to The OA. Then later, Michael deals with a wasp infestation on his porch.

The Best of MZ – 8.6.19

Star Trek’s Marina Sirtis calls the show! Plus, Michael finds a lost beagle and Jaime gets a commercial.


Eric Star gives his review on the live-action Lion King remake. Plus, Michael experiments in finding the perfect Starbucks drink. Then later, has another vacation get-a-away been ruined? Find out!


MZNOW is back in their brand new studio! The show gives their thoughts on the new season of Stranger Things, the new Picard trailer, and Marvel’s fourth phase. Plus, check out the newest game, “Guess Who’s Bigger?”

The Best of MZ – 7.16.19

Comedian, Tom Green freestyles in studio. Then later, the show plays “Have You Heard It?” Plus, a special MZNOW bonus!

The Best of MZ – 7.9.19

The show plays a round of Ice Cream Roulette. One cup of ice cream contains Blue Bell which MAY contain listeria. Who will win this “game” of death. Then later, Michael and Crissy prank a follow shop. Plus, find out which celebrity made it to number one of the most awkward interview in show history…so far.


After 5 years, the show says goodbye to their old studio. Plus, Michael has a problem returning a package to Amazon. Then later, find out which nationalities were named the world’s best-looking.


Eric Star is back with the first Gay Rant of 2019. Plus, Matt Rivera calls in to talk about his Chuck E. Cheese convention, Chuck E. Con. Then later, Michael tells his idea for a possible Toy Story 5.

The Best of MZ – 6.18.19

In honor of Father’s Day, Chris Sapphire asks people what secrets they’ve hidden from their dad. Then later, Michael has a weird handshake experience and Bobby confronts his haters. Then later, get ready for Stranger Things season three by checking out Gaten Matarazzo on the show back in 2018.

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