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Dan O’Malley of The Russ Martin Show

Dan O’Malley has been an iconic voice in DFW radio for several years. He currently hosts The Russ Martin Show on 97.1 The Eagle. Dan talks about his radio journey and how he ended up working on the number one show in Dallas. Plus, Dan talks about his connection with Vickery Park and his new real estate career!

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Instagram: @thedanomalley
Twitter: @TheDanOMalley

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The show talks about the latest Netflix crime documentary, The Vanishing at the Cecil Hotel. Michael discovers that The Cecil Hotel and the show have some history. Then later, find out if the CW’s Superman & Lois is worth the watch. Plus, Michael honors DFW radio icon, Russ Martin of The Russ Martin Show.


The guys are back in studio after surviving the Texas Snowpocalypse. Plus, Mark Garcia reveals what’s REALLY going on in his QueerAnon segment. Michael has more trouble with the USPS. Then later, Douche Duck makes his official return.


Was Wonder Woman 1984 really that bad? Plus, Michael & Eric give their thoughts on the new Britney Spears documentary. Then later, someone mysteriously sends roses to the studio. Who could it be? Finally, after many years in storage, Douche Duck returns!


The show is back for 2021! Clark talks about the series of unfortunate events that happened to him during the Holiday break. Spider quizzes the show on their 2020 knowledge. Then later, Michael shares some advice on how to still be social while in quarantine.

Best of MZ – 2.2.21

MZNOW returns for 2021 next week! Until then, enjoy some of our favorite moments from the past 15 years. Jaime the Tattoo Guy tries to name the cast members of The Walking Dead on “Does Jaime Know That Name?” (2016) The show plays a prank on Nadia (2006). Then later, Michael talks about a dream he had about Eric (2019).

Best of MZ – 1.26.21

The show sends UFO Joe to the Ancient Alien Convention (2019). Kimberly Estrada calls the show to talk about her guest appearance on the hit TV show, LOST (2006). Plus, Eric steals Bobby’s idea to make a game called Have You Heard It? (2016).

Best of MZ – 1.19.21

Michael changes a tire for the first time (2015). Plus, the show plays another round of Does This Make You Feel Old? (2016) Then later, Joel Osteen calls the show to talk about how he’s planning on helping flood victims (2017).

Best of MZ – 1.12.21

Jaime the Tattoo Guy heads to a local comic con to ask fans who they think will win the Game of Thrones (2018). CDub interviews a Hank Williams Jr. impersonator (2006). And finally, the show meets Sara the Intern (2015).

Best of MZ in 2020 – 1.5.21

Eric Star looks back at some of the best moments of 2020. First, the show tries to recast Tiger King with dead actors. The later, Michael talks about playing Dungeons & Dragons for the very first timeJaime interviews deceased comedian, Jerry Lewis and Michael & Clark reveal what happened behind the scenes while filming Patriot Pete Fights the Fake News Media.

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