40 Years of Knight Rider ft. William Daniels – 8.2.22

The legendary voice of Knight Rider’s KITT, William Daniels is on the show! Plus, Knight Rider fan, John Longoria brings his KITT replica to the studio. Also, Michael looses his AppleTV remote and Eric Star “apologizes” to Robin from Stranger Things.

Follow John’s Knight Rider replica


The show is back after an unplanned hiatus due to a cast member getting COVID for a second time. Find out who! Then later, what would you do in a nuclear attack and the show tries to solve a bathroom mystery. Plus, Michael Zavala remembers Kidd Kraddick.

Best of MZ – 7.29.22

Jaime the Tattoo Guy heads to a local comic con to ask fans who they think will win the Game of Thrones (2018). CDub interviews a Hank Williams Jr. impersonator (2006). And finally, the show meets Sara the Intern (2015).


Michael has a problem with a dinner reservation. Also, the show finally reveals all of the celebrities in this year’s show intro. Clark gives a health advisory to the residents of Dallas, TX. Then later, the show talks about the Stranger Things finale and Michael gives his thoughts on the newest James T. Kirk.

Best of MZ – 7.5.22

The show sends UFO Joe to the Ancient Alien Convention (2019). Kimberly Estrada calls the show to talk about her guest appearance on the hit TV show, LOST (2006). Plus, Eric steals Bobby’s idea to make a game called Have You Heard It? (2016).


Something mysterious happened to the homeless people around the building. Spider has the scoop. Plus, Eric Star has a brand new Gay Rant for the last week of Pride month! Then finally, Dallas may be bringing scooters back to the city! Michael gives his thoughts on the possibility.

Best of MZ – 6.21.22

Jamie “interviews” comedian, Jerry Lewis (2020). Michael interviews Christel Khalil and it all goes wrong (2006). Jamie the Tattoo Guy tries to remember the names of the characters on the The Walking Dead (2016).


Eric Star returns from LA and he brought back something unexpected! Plus, Eric talks about getting to hang out with some of his favorite people from The Circle. Then later, the show reviews Stranger Things Season Four, Volume One! And finally, the show tests their Stranger Things memory with some trivia. Brenna Groom guests hosts on this episode!

6.7.22 ft. Alexandra Fasulo

The Freelance Fairy, Alexandra Fasulo, is on the show. She talks about how she left her 9-to-5 to start her freelance empire! Eric Star is missing this week and you’ll never guess why. Plus, Clark “reviews” Top Gun: Maverick. Then later, Michael celebrates the 10th anniversary of Walk Like Gumby.

Best of MZ – 5.31.22

Eric meets his idol, Paul Reubens (Pee-wee Herman) after waiting in line for four hours (2018)! Then, the show interviews a long-winded comedian from Last Comic Standing (2006). Plus, the show plays another round of Flick Flashback! Find out who knows their 90’s movies best (2016).

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