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Does This Make You Feel Old?

We’re playing another round of Does This Make You Feel Old?. This time it’s different. We’re asking ‘the average American young person’ questions with the answers built in. How many questions will he get right when we basically give him the answers? Find out in the clip above!

Young America on the 2016 Election

Michael talks to an average American 20-year-old to get his opinion on the Presidential Election. What does young America actually think? We get it straight from the horses mouth. Check out the clip above.

Remembering the Nova

Michael and his friend, Austin Wright, remember Michael’s first car and recount the tragic events that occurred on November 9, 2004. Listen to them tell the story twelve years later:

This week only, you can download these 1987 Chevy Nova tributes for FREE:

You can also check out the following videos to help keep the Nova’s memory alive:

Does Jaime Know That Name?

The Walking Dead returns for it’s seventh season on October 23rd. Our very own, Jaime the Tattoo Guy has seen every episode. He also happens to be terrible with names. So we decided to see how well he knows the names of the shows most popular characters. See how well he did in the clip above.

Kasper Knight Calls the Show

You may have seen the viral video of a man shooting himself in the face for a music video. That man is Kapser Knight. He calls the show to talk about his reason for the video and his plans for future videos. He also talks about his fantasy novel, Ender’s Gate: End of a Golden Age. You can check it now on Amazon.

Lavell Crawford talks Weight Loss, Life, and more on MZNOW

Lavell is one of the funniest comedians working today. You’ve seen him on shows like Breaking Bad and Last Comic Standing. Recently, he starred in the Netflix movie, The Ridiculous 6 with Adam Sandler. Lavell calls the show and talks life, weight loss, comedy, and even Batman. Listen to the full interview in the clip above.

Could we see a Miss Tex in 2017?

Big Tex, the mascot for the State Fair of Texas in Dallas, has had many changes over the years. However, Michael says that it’s not enough. He’s asking for a more progressive, Big Tex. Maybe even a transgendered, Miss Tex? Check out the clip above to see what it could be like.

Chester Rushing talks Stranger Things and more on MZNOW

Tommy H. on the Netflix hit, Stranger Things, may not have been likeable. However, Chester Rushing certainly is. Chester dropped by the studio to talk about everybody’s favorite new show and his band, The Chester Rushing Band. Of course, we had to ask the most important question of them all: What happened to Barb?! Check out the full interview and videos below:

Part 1:

Part 2:

Does This Make You Feel Old?

How well do you know your cartoons? Do you think your animation knowledge is better than the “average” 20-year-old American? Find out in another round of Does This Make You Feel Old? Let us know how well you did!

The Alexis Stick

Watch out Amazon! Alexis is taking on Amazon’s Alexa with her very own “smart device” called, The Alexis Stick. She’s in studio showing off what it can do. It’s not bad considering it only costs $3.99. Check out the clip above to hear it in action. We know this will be on everybody’s Christmas list this Holiday season. Be sure to pick one up for yourself at your local Family Dollar.

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