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DA TRUTH’s GBreeze and Young Slim in Studio

Young Slim & GBreeze from DA TRUTH Unlimited

Da Truth rappers, Young Slim and GBreeze, are on the show promoting their new single, “How Do It Taste.” They’re talking about their history and how they came together to ...


Christie Abbott Calls the Show

Christie Abbott

You remember her as “Sam” from Wishbone, but Michael remembers her as his first crush. Christie calls in to talk about the popular PBS show and what she is up ...


Family Shade: 13 Reasons Why

Family Shade - 13 Reasons Why

It’s time for another round of Family Shade! This time, it’s based on the hit Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why. How well do you do against Jaime, Bobby, and Michael? ...


Gay Rant: Stranger Rangers

Gay Rant - Stranger Rangers

Eric accuses the newest Power Rangers movie of ripping off the theme song from, Stranger Things. The evidence is pretty compelling. See for yourself. Then later, Eric discusses his theory ...


Jaime at Dallas Fan Days 2017

Jaime Goes to Dallas Fan Days

Once again, Jaime the Tattoo guy is out and about at the Dallas Fan Days! After losing his son in the crowd, Jaime asks con goers who they think will ...