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Was Star Trek Discovery Good?

The saved the best for last!

Bugs Bunny Meets Mel Blanc

Jeff Bergman talks about meeting the cartoon icon.

Did Abbott and Costello Steal It?

Who wrote ‘Who’s on First?’

Tips for Success

Learning from Shari Lewis


Melora Hardin Talks ‘Back to the Future’ Casting

Melora Hardin has had an incredible career and has landed roles in some of the biggest television shows and movies in history. However, she was almost in one of the most iconic movies of all time…Back to the Future.

Michael Prepares for D&D

After years of avoiding it, Michael finally agrees to play a round of Dungeons & Dragons. He’s starting to have second thoughts…

Burt Ward Talks Batman, Dogs, & More

Burt (Robin, Batman 1966) talks about his time on the show, his recent star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame, & his dog food and rescue. Get more info at

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