Next Show Release: 1.12.16


7.12.16 ft. Vanessa Cater

Actress and stunt performer, Vanessa Cater is on the show. Plus, find out what’s upsetting George Takei about the upcoming Star Trek movie. Then later, Donald and Ivanka Trump call the show to discuss the rumor about Donald’s potential running mate.


Chris Sapphire talks about his segment on the CW morning show, Eye Opener. Also, Michael is upset about the new Instagram feed changes and Bobby has some un-welcomed visitors in his house.


It’s Bobby and Eric’s birthday! So Michael gives them the gift of weight loss by bringing in fitness expert, Pheng Leav. Plus, get another round of everybody’s favorite game, “Does This Make You Feel Old?”

6.7.16 ft. Vermin Supreme

Presidential candidate, Vermin Supreme, calls the show and we’re asking the all tough questions. Also, Jaime the Tattoo guy goes to his very first Comic Con and Drew reviews Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows.


After watching all six seasons of Game of Thrones, can Jaime name at least one of the characters from the show? Find out in the new game called, “Does Jaime Know That Name?” Also, Michael performs a graduation ceremony for the shows that will be returning next season to his DVR. Then later, a brand new “What Did Dub Bring to The Show” in honor of 10 years of MZ.


We’re celebrating 10 years of MZ on the air! We know, it feels a lot longer. Original show members, CDub and James Applegate join in to listen to the highlights (if you can call them that) from the very first show back on May 15th, 2006. Plus, Michael and Eric talk about their trip to Hollywood and later, an exclusive interview with Ozzy Osbourne.


Eric and Michael make final preparations for the show trip to Los Angeles. Then later, Donald Trump calls the show to talk about his big five state win. Also, actor James Remar give one of the most memorable interviews in MZ history.


It was a bad time to be a celebrity last week! Michael, Bobby, and Chris pay their respecks to Doris Roberts and Prince. Plus, what would happen if the show started a 90’s rock band?

4.19.16 ft. Lil Wil

Dallas based rapper, Lil Will, is on the show. The man behind, “My Dougie” and “Bust It Wide Open” is in studio and gives a behind-the-scenes look into his personal life. He talks about his upcoming album, “Late Nights and Early Flights” and even his Styrofoam cup line!

4.12.16 ft. Marina Sirtis

It’s Michael’s birthday! He’s celebrating the start of a new decade with fellow Aries, Marina Sirtis! Star Trek’s Counselor Troi talks life after Trek, conventions, and even The Walking Dead! So set your phasers to stu–never mind…just listen to it.

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