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TWERK-A-THON – Twerksgiving 2016

Original Air Date: 11.22.16

It’s Twerky Day again! It’s time for the second annual Twerksgiving Special. Caylea Woodbury from “Little Women: Dallas” joins the intense battle to become Miss. Twerksgiving 2016. Who will out twerk the competition? You don’t want to miss a moment!

TWERK-A-THON – Twerksgiving 2015

Original Air Date: 11.23.15

Happy Twerky Day! It’s the first annual Twerksgiving Special! Who will the Pilgrims pardon and crown Ms. Twerksgiving 2015? The Twerkys battle it out in intense and mind blowing Twerky Trots. Don’t miss a moment!

MZNOW 2019 Rewind

Eric Star rewinds back to some of the best show moments from 2019! Did your favorite make the cut? The show returns February 2020! In the meantime, follow us on Instagram and Facebook @MZNOWTV and check out for more hilarious show moments, video clips, interviews, and more!

MZNOW Rewind – 4.3.18

Eric and Mark are back! This time, they are highlighting some of the greatest pranks in MZ history! It’s the MZNOW Rewind: April Fool’s Edition.

MZNOW Rewind – 1.2.18

Eric Star hosts Part 2 of our favorite moments of 2017! We’re rewinding back to The Walking Dead’s Khary Payton, Jaime’s Situation Room, “Where in the World is Sara Alban?”, and much more! You don’t want to miss a moment.

MZNOW Rewind – 12.26.17

Eric Star hosts the years’ end, MZNOW Rewind! We’re looking back at some of our favorite moments of the year. It’s the Best of 2017, Part 1! Highlight include, Jaime attempting to explain Game of Thrones, the legendary Rob Paulsen calls the show, Harry the Cable Guy, and much more! Don’t miss it!

MZNOW Rewind – 12.27.16

Eric Star hosts MZNOW Rewind. He’s playing some of the best Christmas moments from the past decade. Re-listen to Christmas Wishlist 2009, find out how cheap Michael really is, and listen to the show exchange Christmas gifts with stuff they found around the house.

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