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Where in the World is Sara Alban?

It’s our first game of 2017! If given a clue, can Bryce guess Where in the World is Sara Alban? Can you do better than Bryce? Check out the clip above to find out!

Little Women Dallas: Bri and Caylea in Studio

Bri and Caylea from Little Women: Dallas are in studio! They discuss the infamous bar fight and Bri talks about what it’s like using a pizza pan as a weapon. Plus, Jaime the Tattoo Guy auditions to be in their next music video. Then later, find out which girl Michael has a crush on. You can hear the full interview in the player above. You can also check out the videos from inside the studio below. Lifetime Reality’s Little Women: Dallas returns March 2017.

President Trump Calls the Show

The 45th President of the United States, honored us with a phone interview a few weeks ago. He talks about how well his administration has performed in their first few weeks. He also had some strong words for the late, Mary Tyler Moore. Then, he makes a YOUGE cabinet announcement on the show. Don’t miss this historic interview!

MZ Theater Presents: The Wild Thornberrys

Because they are true lovers of the arts, the show has created a brand new feature called, MZ Theater. Listen to Sara Alban’s dramatic reading of The Wild Thornberrys‘ opening lyric. It’s sure to bring a tear to your eye.

Rob Paulsen Calls the Show

The man who brought to life Pinky from Pinky and the Brain, Yakko from Animaniacs, Carl from Jimmy Neutron, and many more of your favorite characters calls the show. Paul talks about life and his long career as a voice over artist. Plus, he talks about the future of Animaniacs. Could we see our favorite characters return in the near future? Listen to the full interview in the player above.

Michael Reviews The OA

Michael reviews one of Netflix’s newest series, The OA. Needless to say, he isn’t a fan. In fact, he said the show is “complete garbage.” Eric on the other hand, seemed to like it. Have you watched it? Who do you agree with?

How to Pronounce Krampus

The show tries to figure out how to properly pronounce the name ‘Krampus.’ The latest in a series of ongoing struggles to grasp basic concepts. Enjoy.

Jaime Goes to Dallas Fan Days

Jaime went to the Dallas Fan Days to see who the people thought would die in the season premiere episode of The Walking Dead. Some were close, others were way off. One person, however, hit it right on the head. Listen to see what everybody was thinking!

Does This Make You Feel Old? Christmas Edition

Bryce is in studio playing a special Christmas edition of Does This Make You Feel Old? Can he guess the missing word we removed from popular Christmas songs? See how well he did in the clip above!

Gay Rant with Eric Star

A fan favorite feature returns! This time, Eric Star comes in hot with his very own Gay Rant! Moral of the story: Don’t steal Eric’s drink. Listen to his rant in the clip above.

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