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5.4.20 ft. Dillon Passage

Tiger King star, Dillon Passage calls in to talk about his life since the release of the Netflix show. His husband, Joe Exotic, is currently serving a 22-year prison sentence. However, Dillon hints that Joe’s situation could be changing very soon. Then later, Clark casts his Tiger King movie with the most prestigious and award-winning actors in Hollywood.

Here are a few things we learned from Dillon:

1) The Show Was Accurate

Michael Zavala asked if there were any inaccuracies Dillon may have noticed when he watched the show for the first time. Dillon replied,  “No, it was actually pretty accurate in my opinion. The producers really investigated and, you know, did their research. They really dug deep and may have gotten all the information in sketchy ways but they got the information and it was right.” However, he was disappointed when the producers added that very shocking and conversational scene. “We specifically told them not to put in the clip of Travis in office shooting himself. They did and so I feel like that was pretty disrespectful. That’s obviously very personal to Joe and Joe hasn’t seen the documentary. When he finally does, it’s going to be a sh*t show.”

2) He Wasn’t a Fan of the “Bonus Episode”

Dillon declined to be apart of the eighth episode of the Tiger King series out of respect for the original show producers. “I did grow kind of close with [orginal] producers. Netflix brought in a new production company for episode eight. So, I thought it wasn’t cool for somebody else to want to come in and ride the success that they [original producers] had made the show into. He also said, “it was boring as hell.” We’re with you on that, Dillon.

3) Joe Exotic does NOT have COVID-19

Despite what some media outlets were saying, Joe does not have COVID-19. He is currently in quarantine at the Fort Worth Federal Medical Center in order to help prevent him from getting infected.

4) He Wasn’t a Fan of Rick Kirkham Either

When Dillon brought up Rick, Michael asked what he thinks about Joe’s old producer. “It seems like he kind of exaggerates some stories sometimes because he’s a reality show guy, right? He’s a producer.” Dillon replied with, “He was definitely not happy with how he saw himself on the show. Clearly, I mean, he was like, kind of, a scared animal when you’re backed into a corner. You’re either gonna do one thing. You’re gonna cower or you’re gonna attack and lash out. And so I think, he just lashed out at any freakin person he possibly could because he was very unhappy with how he looked. Which is his true personality.”

5) Can Joe Exotic Be Released Early?

Joe is currently serving out a 22-year prison sentence. When asked about the possibility of an early release, Dillon said, “In a couple of weeks, you’ll see. Just wait. It’ll be pretty big in the next couple of weeks.”

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Tiger King - Dillon Passage

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