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After 5 years, the show says goodbye to their old studio. Plus, Michael has a problem returning a package to Amazon. Then later, find out which nationalities were named the world’s best-looking.


Eric Star is back with the first Gay Rant of 2019. Plus, Matt Rivera calls in to talk about his Chuck E. Cheese convention, Chuck E. Con. Then later, Michael tells his idea for a possible Toy Story 5.

The Best of MZ – 6.18.19

In honor of Father’s Day, Chris Sapphire asks people what secrets they’ve hidden from their dad. Then later, Michael has a weird handshake experience and Bobby confronts his haters. Then later, get ready for Stranger Things season three by checking out Gaten Matarazzo on the show back in 2018.

6.11.19 ft. Aly and AJ

Aly and AJ are on the show talking about their new project, Sanctuary. Then later, the show celebrates Eric and Jaime’s birthdays with surprise gifts. Plus, Spider gives you your weekly update on the only sports that matter.


Eric Star talks about his recent trip to San Fransisco and Michael has a big announcement. Plus, the show gives their thoughts on the final episode of Game of Thrones. Then later, Spider reads out vintage profanity. Can you guess the meaning?

The Best of MZ – 5.28.19

The Walking Dead‘s Khary Payton is on the show talking about the hit AMC series, Cyborg, and much more (2017)! Plus, Michael gets a life coach but the advice is shaky at best (2015). Then later, Crissy and Miguel play a new game called, Name that Tune (2009)!


After ten years on the air, Game of Thrones comes to an end. The show, along with our friends from ShadeVSations, give their predictions on who will rule the seven kingdoms. Plus, Jaime is back with a special Game of Thrones themed Jaime’s World. Then later, Michael has his annual DVR graduation for 2019.

The Best of MZ – 5.14.19

Jaime attempts to explain Game of Thrones in five minutes without spoilers. Then later, feel your age with another round of Does This Make You Feel Old? Plus, Bobby says he’s doing stuff for his wife and mother for Mother’s Day but is later confronted with the truth…

5.7.19 ft. Sikwitit

Award-winning music producer, Sikwitit, is in studio. He talks about his new projects with rappers Bobby Sessions and Snow tha Product, his partnership with Airbit, and much more! Plus, Jamie heads to the Dallas Fan Expo to ask fans what they thought about Avengers: End Game in a new segment called “Jaime’s World.”

4.30.19 ft. Hannah Cheesman

Star Trek: Discovery‘s Hannah Cheesman is on the show talking Lieutenant Commander Airiam, Whatever, Linda, and more. Plus, Lola is back and explains her year long absence from the show. Then later, Michael reveals how he almost died when he went to see Avengers: Endgame.

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