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Bobby, Can You Hear Me?

As technical issues arise, Eric and Michael create a Frozen inspired song as they wait for the issues to be resolved.

Joel Osteen Calls the Show

Houston pastor, Joel Osteen, calls the show to talk about his new hurricane relief efforts.

Jaime Gets A Commercial

Jaime asks Michael to produce a radio commercial for his tattoo business. Michael reveals the final product.

Gay Rant: Attention Ladies

Eric Star is back with an all-new Gay Rant! And this time, it’s just for the ladies. After an awkward encounter with a female co-worker, Eric is letting the world know that he will never be interested in the opposite sex. Listen to find out what happened!

The Alexis Stick Promo Video

The Christmas season is right around the corner. It’s never too early to start thinking about the perfect gift for that special someone. How about a virtual assistant? Check out the newest promo for Lady G’s Alexis Stick!

Now, listen to Alexis show off the Alexis Stick and all of it’s features on the show.

Who Said It: Donald Trump or Mr. Burns?

The object of the game is simple. A quote is read and then you have to guess the author of the statement. Your choices are Mr. Burns from The Simpsons or Donald Trump. Simple, right? It may not be as easy as you think. Check it out in the player above.

Jaime Explains Game of Thrones in 5 Minutes

Need to catch up on HBO’s Game of Thrones? Well, you’re in luck! Jaime the Tattoo Guy explains GoT in under five minutes! Yes, that’s right. He beautifully condenses the shows’ 7 seasons in 5 minutes. Want to know the best part? No spoilers! Check it out in the player above.

Krazy from the 504 Boyz in Studio

Hip hop legend, Krazy from the 504 Boyz, is in studio. The ‘Wobble Wobble‘ rapper is talking about his new single, Tupac, and even Rob and Chyna! Listen to the full interview here.

The Situation Room with Jaime the Tattoo Guy

Jaime is at it again! Dallas’ favorite tattoo artist is breaking down the most complicated news stories and telling you what’s really going on. Listen to the latest edition of The Situation Room here.

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