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The Hot Pocket Arrest

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What would YOU do for a Hot Pocket?

Alex Winter Talks About Returning to ‘Bill & Ted’

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Alex Winter is back as Bill in Bill & Ted Face the Music, streaming on-demand September 1st.

The Chrislilah Reboot?

Should the Chris Sapphire segment, Chrislilah make a comeback? Find out if it’s time for a reboot.

Ernie Hudson Returns for ‘Ghostbusters: Afterlife’

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The Family Business star, Ernie Hudson talks about returning to the world of Ghostbusting.

Josh Holloway on Costner & This Season of ‘Yellowstone’

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Actor, Josh Holloway has arrived on the third season of the Paramount Network hit, Yellowstone.

Keaton Returns

The show reacts to the news of Michael Keaton possibly coming to the DCEU. Plus, who had the best Joker?

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