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Spider Presents: Silas Nello

Dallas based musician, Silas Nello is on the first edition of Spider Presents. You can get more info on Silas and his music at

DVR Graduation 2018

It’s that time a year again! Find out which TV shows are moving on to Michael’s DVR next season. Did your favorite make the list?

Name that Superpower!

It’s the year of superhero movies, but how well do you really know their powers? Find out in a round of Name that Superpower!

Dustin Diamond: Is It Time for a Reboot?

Dustin Diamond is on the the show and talks about a potential Saved by the Bell reboot. Would he be willing to play Screech again?

#TBT: The Christmas Clip Game

Can you guess these classic Christmas flicks from these short audio clips? Listen to find out!

Gaten Matarazzo Calls the Show

Stranger Things star, Gaten Matarazzo, is on the show talking about overnight stardom, Stranger Things, and his new band, Work In Progress.

#TBT: Jason Douglas from The Walking Dead

In honor of Jason Douglas’ final performance on The Walking Dead, check out this video of Jason and Jaime at a Walker Stalker Con in 2016.

Family Matters’ Shawn Harrison

Is there a reboot in the future for the hit sitcom, Family Matters? Thats’s what we asked Shawn Harrison (Waldo Geraldo Faldo) when he called the show. Listen here!

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