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Bobby’s Superfan

After months of reading her letters on the air, Bobby finally get’s to meet Alexis. Watch the video below to witness this magical moment:

Listen to more of Alexis and hear the full show here:

Meet David Wilemon

David has always wanted to try his hand at stand up comedy, so Michael is helping him do it. David calls the show to introduce himself and talk about what he is wanting to do. Make sure to check back for updates on David’s journey to the stage.

Jade Helm Watch

As Jade Helm 15 is underway, Patriot and Youtuber, Chris Martin, gives us a look at what is really going on at his local Sam’s Club. As a former comedian once said, “The proof is in the puddin'”

Small Hands and the iPhone 6 Plus

Michael just got the 6 Plus and he’s not sure his small hands can handle it. Listen to the clip here:

Father’s Day Secrets

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. Chris gets people on the street to spill secrets they wouldn’t want their dad to know about…

Gay Rant – 6/15

Chris has a new Gay Rant and this time it’s all about Eric Star! Listen here:

Out with Chris and Douche Duck

Chris and Douche Duck went out to celebrate DD’s one year anniversary. Listen to the advice people gave him:

Bobby’s Weight Loss

Michael calls in reinforcements to help Bobby shed the pounds. Personal trainer, Brittany Culbertson calls in to give Bobby some tips.


Check out Brittany’s exercise videos on Youtube

Also, be sure to check her out on Facebook.

Michael & Lana Del Rey

Michael is getting hate mail after posting a video of a Lana Del Rey concert. Listen to the story…

Here’s the video:

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