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Bob Saget Judges ‘Real To Reel Global Youth Film Fest’ on Sunday, May 31

Comedian, Bob Saget joins Brian White, Leah Lewis, and JP Sarni to judge the Foster Youth Film Festival this Sunday, May 31st. The virtual event will happen live at 5PM PST. Youth filmmakers from around the world submitted over 70 films to the festival with the theme Change: imagine, inspire, and ignite.

Bob Saget

Bob Saget

Bob spoke with Michael Zavala of MZNOW to explain how he got involved with this event.

So these are kids who have gone from foster home to foster home. [They’ve] not had places of permanence and had a really rough upbringing. And they made films. They’re three minutes long, nine minutes long. Most of them are short. The whole program will take about an hour and a half and it’s on Sunday night.

They took over 70 youth filmmakers from around the world. Some people have asked me, you know, what about the losers? What do you do for them? And it’s like, well, they’re getting their films shown around the world on YouTube which will be probably a huge number of people cause it’s a well known organization that’s doing it.

It’s quite inspiring. Especially now, to see young kids that have faced nothing but hardship, make these films that are poignant and they’re not political. It’s nothing except just compassion and love and it just makes you feel for them. So here’s the serious me that comes out of times like this.

I’m just happy to be part of it.

Proceeds from the Real To Reel Global Youth Film Fest will go to support at-risk, former or current foster youth through efforts established on behalf of Better Youth and CASA Los Angeles. The festival is open to the public and viewers are asked to contribute to a funding campaign at

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