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Will There Be A Tremors 8?

If you haven’t seen Tremors: Shrieker Island (the 7th and latest movie in the franchise), watch it on Netflix and then come back to this article. If you don’t care about spoilers – then continue reading.

The Tremors franchise turns 30 this year and released its 7th (and possibly last) entry with Shrieker Island.


The latest movie ends with the world’s leading Graboid expert, Burt Gummer (Michael Gross), being eaten by The Queen (the largest Graboid ever) right before she is blown apart. All that is left is his signature Cubs hat and sunglass — amazingly intact. We’re led to believe that this is the end of Burt. However, the viewers never see a body.

Burt is one tough guy. So it’s hard to believe he’s really gone.

Burt, who had retired and lived alone on a deserted island, is called back “one last time.” He is enlisted to help take on the latest Shrieker and Graboid threat on another island. This time it’s different.

The creatures have been genetically modified and are harder to kill. This was done for a team of wealthy individuals that have come to the island for a little trophy hunting.

Without giving the entire movie away, we find out there is a Queen. The largest Graboid ever recorded. She seems to know exactly who Burt Gummer is and what he’s been doing all these years. She hunts him down and seems to have successfully eliminated the main threat to her kind before she is blown up in a million pieces.

But is this really the end?

Recently, Michael Gross was on MZNOW talking about the latest movie and was asked what his future with the franchise looked like.

If they did, 20 more of these [Tremors movies], would you sign on to do these if you could?

Well, that’s an important condition you put on it. “If I could,” because I’m in my seventh decade and the fact that I’m still doing action-adventure in my seventies is beyond me. I very much try to keep in shape. Burt is such fun, I’ve been unable to say no. Let’s just put it that way.

Burt is just such a wonderful character. I can’t say no, because he just tickles me to death. So, I’m there for as long as I can keep it up. And as long as the storyline is interesting.

Michael Gross talks Tremors 7

At this time, Universal has not announced an eighth movie.

We may never know the true fate of Burt Gummer. But not seeing a body gives viewers hope that he is still alive. The ending is very well done and there is a touching tribute to the character during the end credits.

If this is the end, Burt went out doing what he loved. Killing Grabiods and taking names.

The world was always a little safer when Burt Gummer was around.

Listen to the full interview:

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