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The Walking Dead Presidential Elections

Jaime the Tattoo Guy headed out to the Walker Stalker Con in Dallas armed with one simple question:

“If all of the characters from the Walking Dead were running for president, who would you vote for?”

Some of the convention goers voted for some unexpected candidates. Even (currently alive) Alexandria resident, Tobin (Jason Douglas), got in on the action. Find out who won in the clip above!


We send Jaime the Tattoo Guy to the Walker Stalker convention to cover the event. Since it’s election season, we asked the attendees to cast their vote for their favorite Walking Dead character to become president. Find out who won.

Worst Date Stories

So you think YOU had it rough? If you want to feel a little better about your terrible date, check out these stories from Sara, Bobby, Eric, and Michael. You might have a little more pep in your step for that long Walk of Shame. When you finally get home, take a shower and a nap, then pick yourself back up and get back out there and try again (And by “get out there” we mean back on Tinder or Grinder, which ever you prefer).

3.1.16 ft. Michelle Dobyne

Chris and Eric make a quick trip to Odessa, Texas to surprise one of their friends. Although the trip had a rocky start, it may have ended with Chris meeting the love of his life. Plus, Michelle Dobyne, the “Not Tuday” lady calls the show!

Gotham Returns

Gotham‘s second half of the seasons starts tonight on Fox. David Mazouz (Bruce Wayne) called the show a few weeks back to talk about the show, life, and his new movie! Check out the full interview above.

How Many Hours is Fuller House?

Netflix has brought back Danny Tanner and the gang this weekend! There was much rejoicing. If you’re trying to figure out how many hours to set aside to binge watch Fuller House, have no fear. Michael takes on the simple math challenge so you don’t have to.

Here’s a clip of Dave Coulier on the show back in June 2015 talking about Fuller House:

Of course, Michael has to make things awkward by doing his infamous Ray Romano impression:

If you want to hear the fuller interview (haha, we got jokes), click here.

Trump VS The Pope

Could this be the biggest fight of the year? It’s a showdown between Donald Trump and the pope himself! It all started when the Pope called out Donald for wanting to “build walls.” Watch Trump’s response:


It’s been the week of feuds! Kayne West VS Taylor Swift, Apple VS the Government, and Donald Trump VS The Pope. Plus, did you have a horrible Valentine’s day? You might feel better after you hear these horrible date stories from the show.


It’s Valentines Day on the show! Alexis shares her experience from her first ever Comic Con. Who was protesting the convention? Then, the show give you a quick Deadpool review.

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