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Christie Abbott Calls the Show

You remember her as “Sam” from Wishbone, but Michael remembers her as his first crush. Christie calls in to talk about the popular PBS show and what she is up to now. She now has a Wishbone of her very own! Listen to the full interview above.

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Family Matters’ Shawn Harrison

Is there a reboot in the future for the hit sitcom, Family Matters? Thats’s what we asked Shawn Harrison (Waldo Geraldo Faldo) when he called the show. Listen here!


Model and social media influencer, Jacqueline Romero is in studio. Jacky talks about her modeling career, how to properly slide into DMs, and more! Plus, Michael discovers he may be a secret genius after watching the Bill Gates Netflix mini-series, “Inside Bill’s Brain.”

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3.1.16 ft. Michelle Dobyne

Chris and Eric make a quick trip to Odessa, Texas to surprise one of their friends. Although the trip had a rocky start, it may have ended with Chris meeting the love of his life. Plus, Michelle Dobyne, the “Not Tuday” lady calls the show!

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