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Eric is back after having COVID-19! To make sure he’s ready to go back into the public, Eric must pass a taste test called, What’s in Your Mouth?. Then later, Michael takes on high end restaurants. Plus, don’t miss this classic COPS┬ámoment that resurfaced this week.

Christie Abbott Calls the Show

You remember her as “Sam” from Wishbone, but Michael remembers her as his first crush. Christie calls in to talk about the popular PBS show and what she is up to now. She now has a Wishbone of her very own! Listen to the full interview above.

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Gay Rant: Men’s Health

Eric wants to know why nobody told him about men’s health and skin care on Gay Rant with Eric Star.

#TBT: The Christmas Clip Game

Can you guess these classic Christmas flicks from these short audio clips? Listen to find out!

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