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7.13.20 ft. Ernie Hudson

Ghostbuster star, Ernie Hudson is on the show talking about the newest season of The Family Business. He also talks about what it was like to return to the world of Ghostbusting in the upcoming film. Plus, the show reviews Unsolved Mysteries & Greyhound.

Best of MZ – 7.6.20

We’re replaying the GREATEST interview in the history of the show (2016)…can you guess what it is? Plus, check out the very first round of Glino (2015). Then later, Bobby Hickey attempts to explain how Uber Eats works (2017).


Eric watches the second season of Twilight Zone and gives his two cents on the Jordan Peele remake. Then later, the show revisits old Chrislilah episodes to see if the idea should be revived. Plus, Michael finds a long-forgotten “hooker call.”

6.29.20 ft. Josh Holloway

LOST star, Josh Holloway talks about the upcoming season of Yellowstone and how he and his family are handling the pandemic. Then later, Eric Star is back with a brand-new Gay Rant! Plus. Mark gets his COVID-19 results back and Michael reviews season two of The Twilight Zone.


Eric Star reveals his COVID-19 test results. Mark gives details on what happened at last week’s “exposure party.” Then later, is Michael Keaton really returning as Batman/Bruce Wayne in the DCEU? Plus, Eric gives a review of Perry Mason on HBO.

6.22.20 ft. Melora Hardin

The Office star, Melora Hardin, talks about the fourth season of the Freeform show, The Bold Type. Plus, find out why she didn’t get the role of Jennifer Parker in Back to the Future. Then later, Eric talks about his COVID-19 test and Michael gives his review on The Last of Us: Part 2. Plus, would you give up your marriage to keep your Funko! Pops? One guy did!

6.18.20 ft. Kevin Costner

Academy Award winner, Kevin Costner talks about the upcoming season of Yellowstone on the Paramount Network. Has acting in post-apocalyptic movies prepared Kevin for the current pandemic?  Plus, find out who on the show has been exposed to COVID-19! Jaime the Tattoo gives a touching eulogy to the passing cast member.

6.15.20 ft. Samuel Shem

Doctor and author, Samuel Shem talks about his battle with COVID-19. He also talks about his new book, Man’s 4th Best Hospital. Plus, Michael launches a new ‘Twerk for The Cure’ campaign for Lyme disease. Then later, Clark talks about taking his new date to a movie that was shot in six days.

6.11.20 ft. Steven Ogg

Steven Ogg talks about his new TNT show, Snowpiercer. The Walking Dead and Grand Theft Auto actor also talks about what shows he’s been watching to past the time in quarantine. Plus, Michael has a special birthday message from Eric Star’s favorite celebrity for his birthday. Then later, Bobby Hickey checks in with a life update.

6.8.20 ft. Bill Farmer

Disney legend, Bill Farmer talks about his new Disney+ series, It’s A Dog’s Life. Bill has been the voice of Goofy for over 30-years and is now stepping out, in front of the camera. Plus, Sara Alban joins the show to talk about her new life in New Orleans. Then later, Michael ventures out for the first time since lockdown and reveals why he now regrets it.

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