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5 Shows to Binge During Thanksgiving Weekend

So you’ve eaten your turkey (for the 4th time), you’ve taken your nap, now what? Instead of listening to your uncle explain how the election was stolen from Trump, how about binging a few shows? Now is a GREAT time to plug in some headphones and start catching up on some of Hollywoods’ recent bangers. What should you watch? Glad you asked. Here are 5 shows we recommend checking out over your long Thanksgiving weekend.

 The Boys – Amazon Prime


We talk about this show a lot and it’s because it’s THAT GOOD. So do yourself a favor and start watching the first two seasons.


The Fresh Prince of Bel-Air Reunion – HBO Max


This is a MUST WATCH. If you are a fan of the Fresh Prince, you should have watched it as soon as it came out. SHAME ON YOU. But now is the time to watch it. Also, you might cry.


The Mandalorian – Disney+


If you’re looking for space westerns, this is your guy. It’s got everything. Lasers. Helmets. Frog people. Talking robots. What more could you want? Also, you can finally find out what all the ‘Baby Yoda’ fuss is about.


Star Trek: Discovery – CBS All Access


This show is NOT a space western. But if you’re into time travel, spores, Doug Jones, and a lead character who cries every 40 seconds, this is the show for you. It is currently on its third season, so you have plenty of episodes to occupy your time.


Animaniacs – Hulu


Last but certainly not LEAST, it’s Animaniacs. This reboot is just perfect. It could not be any better. Plus, you get a TON of Pinky and the Brain. While you’re at it, binge the entire 90’s series. It’s on Hulu as well.


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