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Does This Make You Feel Old?

Michael gives names to an 18 year old named Bryce to see if he knows who they are. CAUTION: This might make you feel older than you already do…or it might just make you feel sorry for Bryce.

Amanda Fisher in Studio

Amanda made headlines recently after she asked the internet to help her find a girl who looks just like her on Instagram. She found out her doppelgänger’s name is Meredith and she lives in Indiana.

Amanda, Meredith, and Amanda's Mom

Amanda, Meredith, and Amanda’s Mom

Amanda’s fiancé, Ben talked about his reaction when he saw the picture…


Amanda and Ben

You can follow Amanda on Instagram: _amanda4756

Hear the full interview on the show here.

Meet Billy Wessels

In 2010, Billy weighed 485. Today, he is 225 pounds lighter and is helping others achieve their fitness goals as a personal trainer. Listen to his story below:

Billy’s next step is skin removal surgery. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap. You can help him reach his $16,000 goal by donating at his GoFundMe page:

Bobby’s Superfan

After months of reading her letters on the air, Bobby finally get’s to meet Alexis. Watch the video below to witness this magical moment:

Listen to more of Alexis and hear the full show here:

Meet David Wilemon

David has always wanted to try his hand at stand up comedy, so Michael is helping him do it. David calls the show to introduce himself and talk about what he is wanting to do. Make sure to check back for updates on David’s journey to the stage.

Jade Helm Watch

As Jade Helm 15 is underway, Patriot and Youtuber, Chris Martin, gives us a look at what is really going on at his local Sam’s Club. As a former comedian once said, “The proof is in the puddin'”

Small Hands and the iPhone 6 Plus

Michael just got the 6 Plus and he’s not sure his small hands can handle it. Listen to the clip here:

Father’s Day Secrets

Happy Father’s Day to all you dads out there. Chris gets people on the street to spill secrets they wouldn’t want their dad to know about…

Gay Rant – 6/15

Chris has a new Gay Rant and this time it’s all about Eric Star! Listen here:

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