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Best of MZ – 5.30.23

Michael has Christel Khalil record his outgoing voicemail (2006). Jaime the Tattoo Guy has his first ever, Jamie’s World (2019). Plus, the show plays, Where in the World is Sara Alban? (2017)

Carey Means Talks Aqua Teen

Aqua Teen Hunger Force’s Carey Means (Flylock) is on the show!

Aqua Teen Forever! ft. Carey Means

Carey Means (Frylock, Aqua Teen Hunger Force) is on the show talking about all things Aqua Teen!

Plus, Michael reveals his TV picks for his 2023 Summer Watchlist.

Also, Clark moves to the big city!

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Picard’s Hidden Meaning

Star Trek: Picard’s hit season was more than meets the eye.

Best of MZ – 5.16.23

Eric and Michael have one of the greatest interviews ever (2016). Jaime the Tattoo Guy hums some classic TV show theme songs (2018). Then finally, Michael talks about a disturbing dream he had (2019).

KFC’s Double Down is BACK Just in Time…

Clark celebrates his birthday with a KFC Double Down!

Gaming Console Sounds You Forgot

Do you remember these start up sounds?

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