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The Best of MZ – 4.23.19

In honor of the series finale of Gotham, we’re replaying the time Batman himself — David Mazouz — called the show in 2016. Plus, can Jaime the Tattoo Guy name some of the main characters from Game of Thrones? Then later, Michael awkwardly convinces Young and the Restless star, Christel Khalil, to record his outgoing voicemail message.


Momo the Meme calls in to tell her side of the story and clear up any misunderstandings. Then later, Jaime talks about auditioning to be the new host of ‘Cheaters.’ Plus, Michael has an AI service transcribe previous shows and it doesn’t turn out as expected.

4.9.19 ft. London Lawhon

American Idol contestant, London Lawhon, is in studio. She shares some behind-the-scenes moments, talks about her history in music, performs a song in a capella, and more! Plus, Eric goes to a drag brunch and the show reviews the new Twilight Zone on CBS All Access.


We’re celebrating 10 years since the launch of mzLive! Original cast member, Crissy Henderson stops by to talk about her life then and now. Michael also reveals how Crissy was cast for the show. Plus, Jaime the Tattoo Guy and Eric Star give their personal reviews about the new Jordan Peele movie, Us.

3.26.19 ft. Eric Bauza

Voice actor, Eric Bauza, is on the show talking Looney Toons, Space Jam 2, Batman VS TMNT, and more! Plus, Eric Star gets a little acting advice. Also, Michael reviews the second half of Netflixs’ The OA and Jordan Peele’s Us.


New show reporter, Jussie Smollett, gives a detailed report on some St. Paddy’s Day festivities on Eye Witness News. Plus, Michael talks about Aunt Becky leavin’ Full House for the Big House. Then later, see if Jaime can determine who’s who in a new game called, “Senator or Fugitive?”

3.12.19 ft. Jen Kirkman

The show is back for 2019! Comedian, actress, and writer, Jen Kirkman is on the show! Plus, Jaime the Tattoo Guy gets confronted about his ‘man-hoein’ ways. Then later, Michael was on the news talking about his scooter accident and plays his interview for the first time.

mzReplay: 9.29.15

Original Air Date: September 29, 2015

Bobby has a “Show Girl” bracket and someone challenges Michael’s Obama impression. Also, new picks for MZ’s Fantasy Five.

Replay: 9.15.15 ft. B-Hamp

Orignal Air Date: September 15, 2015

B-Hamp, a longtime friend of the show, is in studio. He talks about his new mix tape and his upcoming single, Dab Walk. Also, Michael gives Fantasy Football advice on a new feature called, MZ’s Fantasy Five.

mzReplay: 7.12.16 ft. Vanessa Cater

Original Air Date: July 12, 2016

Actress and stunt performer, Vanessa Cater is on the show. Plus, find out what’s upsetting George Takei about the upcoming Star Trek movie. Then later, Donald and Ivanka Trump call the show to discuss the rumor about Donald’s potential running mate.

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