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Eric and Michael talk about their problems with aging during their ‘senior moment’ at brunch. Then later, the show plays a very complicated Halloween themed game. We’re calling it, Halloween House Part. Misela Hrgota guest hosts.


The show says goodbye to twenty years of AOL Instant Messenger. Also, Jaime the Tattoo Guy reviews the new movie, “Blade Runner 2049.” Then later, how well do you know your 90’s kid shows? Jaime and Michael go head-to-head in a brand new Flashback game.


Celebrity pastor, Joel Osteen calls the show to talk about his new hurricane mission project. Plus, the show plays a game called, “Who’s Doin’ Kermit?” The later, Michael and Eric break down the text messages between Justin Bieber and Marilyn Manson.


Eric Star is back with an all new, Gay Rant! This time, he’s ranting about the cinematic disaster, “mother!” Then later, Michael gives his thoughts on Kermit the Frog’s new voice. Plus, the 2017 Mike’s Tikes winner joins the show in studio.


Hurricane Irma survivor and fitness expert, Dejna James is back in studio. She talking about her new life plans and upcoming TV ventures. Then later, Michael hates cyclists and Dejna and Sara wrestle. However, it may not be what you think.


The show recaps a wild week of events. Plus, find out which films made the list for the worst movies of 2017. Then, Michael starts his day off by destroying a prized possession he was attempting to preserve.


Do you want to get caught up with Game of Thrones but don’t know where to start? Well, you’re in luck! Jaime the Tattoo Guy explains all seven seasons of GoT in 5 minutes with ZERO spoilers. Then later, Michael shows how little his mic skills have improved by playing a tape of him announcing a baseball game at 10 years old. Also, the show welcomes this weeks’ guest co-host, SuzAnne DeCarma.


Sara is back from the UK and spills the details about her internship with the BBC. Also, Michael recaps Mike’s Tikes 2017 with this years’ Mike’s Tike. Then later, the show attempts to guess what unique purchase Eric made on Ebay. The game is appropriately called, “What Did Eric Buy on Ebay?”


Jaime the Tattoo Guy entrusts Michael to create a commercial for him. Check out the “finished” project. Plus, the show prepares for this years’ Mike’s Tikes 2017. Then later, the show finds out how many classic movies Michael has NOT seen.


The show breaks down the news from this years’ San Diego Comic Con. Then later, Eric has an announcement for the ladies in a brand new “Gay Rant with Eric Star!” Plus, Michael is still obsessed with the Kermit the Frog and Steve Whitmire drama. Did the recent Muppet events inspire a new character for the show? Find out!

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