Da Truth rappers, Young Slim and GBreeze, are on the show promoting their new single, “How Do It Taste.” Plus, Gene calls the show and is very upset about last weeks’ imposter. Then later, Bobby tries to help Michael be more manly by giving him some tips. Or as some call it, Man Tips.

5.2.17 ft. Christie Abbott

Christie Abbott, who played Sam on Wishbone, is on the show! Also, Eric has a bone to pick with Bobby. As it turns out, he’s not the only one. Then later, the show plays a round of “Family Shade!” Based off the Netflix show, 13 Reasons Why, how would you handle these Hannah moments?


Michael relives his highly successful birthday brunch. Then later, we sum up all of the craziness in recent news with a new feature we’re calling, The Situation Room with Jaime the Tattoo Guy! Also, find out which show member had to be driven home after only 3 drinks at the bar.


Drew Bell comes out of retirement to review a very important cinematic film. That’s right! Drew reviews the new Zach Braff movie, Going in Style. Also, Eric Star accuses the Power Rangers movie of ripping off the Stranger Things theme song in a brand new Gay Rant. Then later, there is trouble in paradise! Bobby Hickey’s weekend get-a-away is ruined by a few unwelcome neighbors.

4.11.17 ft. Khary Payton

Khary Payton, who plays King Ezekiel on The Walking Dead, is on the show! Also, Sara pulls the “World’s Greatest” April Fool’s Day prank on her mom. Plus, Eric and Chris have a road trip meltdown. Then later, Michael licks a Nintendo Switch game cartridge to prove it’s covered in a bittering agent.


Radio “legend”, Bobby Hickey, returns to the show after a three month hiatus. Plus, Jaime the Tattoo Guy heads to the Dallas Fan Days convention to see which character the fans think will die on the season finale of The Walking Dead. Then later, Michael recounts his awkward encounter with actress, Vanessa Cater, in Chicago.


Michael is freaking out about two major life decisions. Also, Eric Star and Matthew Pizana review the movie, Logan. Is it a BUST or MUST? They’re giving you their thoughts on the only movie they agree on. Then later, what’s going on with Eric’s new living arrangement?


Eric and Matt review Jordan Peele’s new movie, “Get Out.” Also, the show introduces a new game called, “Where in the World is Sara Alban?” If given a clue, can Bryce guess which city or state Sara is in? Listen to find out. Then later, a Bill Paxton tribute. Brittni Lighthizer guest hosts.


The show recaps their Valentines day and Sara wants a new picture for her bio. Also, Michael plays an unedited voicemail from Gene. Then later, Eric Star has a brand new Gay Rant. Plus, did a romantic relationship fall apart during the show? Listen to find out! Sabrina Lynn guest hosts.

2.14.17 ft. Grace Auten

Actress, model, and Youtuber, Grace Auten is in studio! She’s talking life, love, and of course Plus, is Dr. Phil trying to cash in on the “Cash me Ousside” girl? Also, comedian, Harry the Cable Guy performs. Del Pullen guest hosts.

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