Find out what kind of behind-the-scenes drama occurred during our Twerksgiving Special. Also, Eric Star revives an old fan favorite. That’s right, ‘Gay Rant’ is back! Then later, Mr. Halloween calls the show. Plus, Michael sends a Facebook friend request to a childhood crush.

11.22.16 – Twerksgiving Special

It’s Twerky Day again! It’s time for the second annual Twerksgiving Special. Caylea Woodbury from “Little Women: Dallas” joins the intense battle to become Miss. Twerksgiving 2016. Who will out twerk the competition? You don’t want to miss a moment!


Michael talks to an average American 20-year-old to get their take on the election. Plus, Eric Star has only been single for less than a month and is already being called upon by many potentials suitors. He even had an awkward encounter with a female co-worker. Then later, the show plays another round of “Does This Make You Feel Old?”


Michael remembers the loss of his first car, his 1987 Chevy Nova. With the help of his friend, Austin Wright, the two recount the tragic event that occurred on November 9, 2004. Plus, Eric Star reviews Dr. Strange. At least we think that’s what he did. Also, the show welcomes this weeks’ guest co-host, Mel Brooks.


The show gives their opinions on the “eye popping” season premiere of The Walking Dead. Plus, who’s not excited about Marvel’s new movie, Dr. Strange? We may have found the only person on the planet who isn’t a Benedict Cumberbatch fan. Then later, Eric Star has a shocking announcement. Also, the show welcomes this weeks’ guest co-hosts, Brittni Lighthizer and Matthew Pizana.


We’re asking fans of The Walking Dead who they think will be killed in the premiere episode. Some of them were pretty close! Plus, the show gives their own predictions on who will get the end of Negan’s bat. If you haven’t seen the episode yet, there’s no need to worry. This is a SPOILER FREE show. Also, Jaime gets the shock of his life while getting a massage.


The show prepares for the return of The Walking Dead by asking Jaime if he knows the names of some of show’s most popular characters. That’s right! It’s another round of, “Does Jaime Know That Name?” Also, a professional clown calls the show to talk about the negative impact these prank clown sightings are having on the clown community.


Memphis based rap group, ATM DA MOB, is on the show. They’re talking about their upcoming new mixtape and how they got their start. Also, did you seen the viral video of the guy shooting himself in the face for a music video? That guy is Kasper Knight. He tell us why he did it and talks about his upcoming projects.

10.4.16 ft. Dustin Ybarra

Comedian and actor, Dustin Ybarra (Gotham, 21 & Over, We Bought a Zoo) is on the show. He’s talking Hollywood, comedy, and video games. Plus, he discusses his new show in development with fellow comedian, Felipe Esparza. Also, Jaime has a health scare that sends him to the hospital. Then later, Michael presents a weight-loss challenge to Bobby, Eric, and Jaime.

9.27.16 ft. Lavell Crawford

Comedian, Lavell Crawford calls the show. He’s talking about his 120 pound weight loss, Legends of Chamberlain Heights, and even Kevin Hart. Also, Bobby tests his “superior” tasting ability by playing Bean Boozled.

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