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9.15.15 ft. B-Hamp

B-Hamp, a longtime friend of the show, is in studio. He talks about his new mix tape and his upcoming single, Dab Walk. Also, Michael gives Fantasy Football advice on a new feature called, MZ’s Fantasy Five.

9.1.15 ft. Garrett Brawith

Garrett Brawith from, Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Full House Story, is on the show. Also, Michael found old clips of him singing Rainbow Connention as Kermit the Frog. Plus, Bobby’s hater calls again…


Michael interviews an 18 year old for a new feature called, Does This Make You Feel Old? Also, Chris has a new Gay Rant and Donald Trump voices his opinion on Deez Nuts.


The girl who found her doppelgänger online, Amanda Fisher, is in studio. Also, Michael gets Spanish AND golf lessons in the same show!


The crew travels through a questionable wellness journey as Jessi suffers face blindness, Michael’s comedy protégé eats coal to cure his nausea, and guest Billy Wessels shares his huge health accomplishment.


After months of reading her letters on the air, Bobby meet his superfan, Alexis. Also, Drew Bell reviews the movie, Pixels, and find out what happened to “comedian” David Wilemon.


Jessi is telling everyone to STFU on her new feature. Also, the show meets Sara the Intern and plays a new game called Family Shade.


The show is informing the public with a new feature called, Jade Helm Watch. Also, Presidential hopeful, Donald Trump call the show and find out why Bobby is so mad at Michael.



The show is back and in the new studio. Bobby gets a letter from his admirer and Jessi is having an issue with her bum. Also, ex-MZ alumna, Nadia Galindo gets forgotten during a live newscast.

6.16.15 ft. Dave Coulier

Uncle Joey from Full House, Dave Coulier, is on the show! Also, in honor of Father’s Day, Chris goes out on the street to ask people what embarrassing moments they’ve hidden from their dads.

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