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#TBT: Jason Douglas from The Walking Dead

In honor of Jason Douglas’ final performance on The Walking Dead, check out this video of Jason and Jaime at a Walker Stalker Con in 2016.

Family Matters’ Shawn Harrison

Is there a reboot in the future for the hit sitcom, Family Matters? Thats’s what we asked Shawn Harrison (Waldo Geraldo Faldo) when he called the show. Listen here!

Lola From the Streets: St Patty’s

Lola hits the streets for the Saint Patty’s Day Parade in Dallas for a game of “Would You Rather?”

Master Impressionist, Ron Holiday

The man of “half a dozen voices or so”, Ron Holiday, is in studio impersonating Michael Zavala, Bruce Willis, and more.

Name That Theme Song

How well do you know your classic TV themes? Can you guess the song even though it is being hummed by Jaime the Tattoo Guy? See how well you do!

Hermit the Toad On the Show

Former children’s television star and everybody’s favorite amphibian, Hermit the Toad, is on the show addressing his recent firing and mounting legal allegations.

How to Save The Walking Dead

Michael gives his thoughts on how to re-energize AMC’s The Walking Dead.

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