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LFL’s Cortnee White in Studio

Dallas Desire, Cortnee White, is in studio talking about the rebirth of the team. She also discusses her Live Tuff movement and why others should get involved. Make sure you check out Cortnee on Twitter and Instagram.

Cortnee White with Bobby Hickey and Eric Star

Bobby Hickey, Cortnee White, Eric Star

The Retro Clip Game

How well do you know your classic video games? Can you name the game by their theme songs? Find out in Eric Star’s The Retro Clip Game! Check out the clip to see how well you do against the rest of the show.

Deep Space Nine’s Nana Visitor on the Show

Nana Visitor, best known for playing Major Kira Nerys on Star Trek: Deep Space Nine, called the show to talk 50 years of Trek. She talks about how the show changed her life and even tells us the best and worst thing about Trek conventions. Of course we had to ask, if she had the chance, would she ever reprise her role as Major Kira? Check out the interview and make sure you follow her on Twitter for updates on her upcoming projects!

Michael Gets Advice from his Great Grandmother

Michael is feeling old after going to a Snoop Dogg concert in Dallas over the weekend. Since he was depressed about his age, he called up his 93-year-old great grandmother, Nanny, to see if there was anything more to life after 30. After raising 16 children, his great grandmother told him her favorite part of life was when she was finally able to be on her own. Click the player above to listen to the full phone call.

Jaime Goes to the Pokemon Go Pub Crawl

Jaime and Eric tried to “catch them all” while getting their drink on at the Deep Ellum Pokemon Go Pub Crawl. How well did they do? Check out the clip above to find out!

Doing It! With Lady G – Summer Parties

It’s 2016 and life isn’t getting any easier for the American woman. Somehow she is expected to handle home life, motherhood, and a career…sometimes it just gets tough. That’s why Lady G is jumping in and helping out her fellow woman by giving her a little advice. This is, Doing It! With Lady G.

If there are two things Alexis (Lady G) knows, it’s how to party and how to party on a budget. Today, she’s showing you how to throw the perfect backyard summer party without breaking the bank! This segment is not sponsored, but if it was, it would be by Dollar Tree. Listen to it in the clip above.

Pablo Francisco Meets Don Lafontaine

Comedian, Pablo Francisco called the show to promote his upcoming tour. Pablo is a great impressionist and is known for impersonating the “movie voice guy,” Don Lafontaine. Don passed away in 2008, but Michael wanted to know if the two had every met in the past. Pablo talks about the encounter and it was pretty funny. Check out the entire interview in the clip above and make sure you check Pablo’s site to see when he’s coming to a city near you.

Does This Make You Feel Old?

That’s right! We’re playing another round of Does This Make You Feel Old?…and this time the theme is: Influencers. Does our average American young person know all ten names on our list? Which member of the show will be crowned the winner? Listen to the clip to find out! Then, listen to the full show to hear how our “average American” tried to turn the tables on Michael.

The Do Overs’ Vanessa Cater On the Show

If you don’t know the name, Vanessa Cater, you soon will. The New Zealand stunt perfomer and actress calls the show to talk about her past performances and recent movies, The Do Over and Ride Along 2. She was a blast to talk to and we’re sure her career is headed for bigger and better things. Trust us, you’ll be seeing alot more of her in the future. Check out the interview and then check out The Do Over on Netflix.

Michael Plays Pokemon Go

After weeks of making fun of the game, Michael finally downloads Pokemon Go and plays it for the first time. Find out what happens when he hires an Uber driver to help him “catch them all.” Listen to the clip above to hear how it turns out.

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