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Our good friend B-Hamp, a.k.a Mr. Ricky Bobby, is in studio! He’s catching the show up on his newest projects including a mixtape and his upcoming single, Dab Walk. To keep up with all things B-Hamp, follow him on Twitter: @BHamp

Listen to the full interview here.

Meet Sara

Our new Production Assistant, Sara, has had a very busy week. Watch what she did during her fist week with the show:

Now, listen to Sara’s first day on the show:

Garrett Brawith

Garrett stars as Bob Saget in Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Full House Story. He talks about the journey to the house as well as teases his upcoming project. Keep up with Garrett at Listen to the full interview here.
Bob Saget and Garrett Brawith

9.1.15 ft. Garrett Brawith

Garrett Brawith from, Lifetime’s The Unauthorized Full House Story, is on the show. Also, Michael found old clips of him singing Rainbow Connention as Kermit the Frog. Plus, Bobby’s hater calls again…

Does This Make You Feel Old?

Michael gives names to an 18 year old named Bryce to see if he knows who they are. CAUTION: This might make you feel older than you already do…or it might just make you feel sorry for Bryce.


Michael interviews an 18 year old for a new feature called, Does This Make You Feel Old? Also, Chris has a new Gay Rant and Donald Trump voices his opinion on Deez Nuts.

Michael the Swinger

Michael tried out his new swing after the show and the results were amazing. He might even go pro! Check out the improvement thanks to golf pro, Peter Pappas.

Amanda Fisher in Studio

Amanda made headlines recently after she asked the internet to help her find a girl who looks just like her on Instagram. She found out her doppelgänger’s name is Meredith and she lives in Indiana.

Amanda, Meredith, and Amanda's Mom

Amanda, Meredith, and Amanda’s Mom

Amanda’s fiancé, Ben talked about his reaction when he saw the picture…


Amanda and Ben

You can follow Amanda on Instagram: _amanda4756

Hear the full interview on the show here.


The girl who found her doppelgänger online, Amanda Fisher, is in studio. Also, Michael gets Spanish AND golf lessons in the same show!

Meet Billy Wessels

In 2010, Billy weighed 485. Today, he is 225 pounds lighter and is helping others achieve their fitness goals as a personal trainer. Listen to his story below:

Billy’s next step is skin removal surgery. Unfortunately, it’s not cheap. You can help him reach his $16,000 goal by donating at his GoFundMe page:

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