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MZNOW history is made when Michael answers the shows first phone call. You’ll never guess who is on the other line. Also, the show tries out Burger Kings’ black burger.

Jessi Smiles

Vine Star, Jessi Smiles is on the show talking about Vine, TV, and the weirdest place she’s been recognized. She also wins the title of “Michael Top 5 Celebrity Crushes.” Who did she knock off to get on that list? Listen to find out. Also, check her out on her website, and be sure to follow her on all her social media sites. You won’t be bored.

Listen to the full interview here.

10.6.15 ft. Jessi Smiles

Michael signs up for a dating app for bacon lovers and Vine star, Jessi Smiles is on the show. Also, can the show guess the names of popular movies if the synopsis is written a just a little differently?

The Obama Impression Off

Rapper and producer, AOK, challenges Michael’s Obama impression! Who has the best impression? You be the judge.


Bobby has a “Show Girl” bracket and someone challenges Michael’s Obama impression. Also, new picks for MZ’s Fantasy Five.

B-Hamp’s Birthday Gift

Michael gave B-Hamp a picture of them performing together on stage. Check it out below:
Photo Sep 13, 3 10 33 PM
Hear the full interview here.

MZ’s Fantasy Five

Michael knows nothing about football, let alone FANTASY football. However, he considers his lack of knowledge a strength and gives you his “can’t lose” picks for your next draft. Good luck and go [insert team name here].

9.15.15 ft. B-Hamp

B-Hamp, a longtime friend of the show, is in studio. He talks about his new mix tape and his upcoming single, Dab Walk. Also, Michael gives Fantasy Football advice on a new feature called, MZ’s Fantasy Five.


Our good friend B-Hamp, a.k.a Mr. Ricky Bobby, is in studio! He’s catching the show up on his newest projects including a mixtape and his upcoming single, Dab Walk. To keep up with all things B-Hamp, follow him on Twitter: @BHamp

Listen to the full interview here.

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